Hanging Bridges

Suspension Bridges at Bijagua Heliconia

Three hanging bridges along the trails at the Heliconias Lodge bring you to eye level with the forest canopy on a pleasant rainforest walk that will take an hour or two.

Signs along the way identify various plants and describe the animals that may be seen in the area.

The lodge also has a more challenging trail to the Laguna Danta, a pristine lake in an extinct volcanic crater at the peak of a hill on the side of the Volcano Tenorio. Allow four hours for this hike.

Access to the trails costs $16 per person. Guided tours are also available for an additional fee.

The lodge, operated by a local coooperative, is just a 15-minute walk up the road from the Rancho de Moncho. There is a restaurant on site with views out to Lake Nicaragua on clear days.

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